Looking for Stress Free Reputation Management?


Looking for Stress Free Reputation Management?

Building Your Brand by Displaying Your Expertise

Providing valuable information drives customer behavior.

Result Oriented Reputation Management Services

Have you ever Googled your business? Well, chances are, someone else is doing it right now. You hope that what they read about your business from the search is all positive, but that may not always be the case. Your business’s reputation is at stake based on reviews and ratings online, because the majority of customers today rely on online reputations when deciding whether to choose a business. Word-of-mouth and referrals are still the #1 factor in choosing local businesses. That’s why every business needs to work just as hard at projecting itself in the best light with its online presence as it does in being the best in its industry. Reputation management is the only way to keep a good business looking good online, and we are skilled at providing our clients with the resources to navigate the process.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is a process of monitoring online opinions on a business and attempting to control which ones show up on a search. Opinions appear as ratings and reviews, which can appear on search engines like, Bing, Yahoo!, and of course, Google, as well as on a multitude of review directories such as Yelp, Angie’s List, and YellowPages. Good reviews are a gold mine for businesses, but bad ones can destroy its reputation. The goal with reputation management is to increase the visibility of good reviews, address bad ones, and work hard to gain more positive feedback from satisfied customers to feed a business’s credibility.

How Online Reviews Work

In a nutshell, a business needs to beat its competition with reviews. The higher the reviews a business gets, the more trustworthy they appear to search engines; more reviews usually also leads to higher rankings in Google and the other search engines. The tendency is for people to not click past the first page in a search, so the first page is where to be. Keep in mind that seventy-two percent of people trust online reviews, so building a five star reputation on search engines and directories is essential.

Say you Google a new Atlanta restaurant to find out hours of operation and the address. Not only will that information show up, so will a Google Review result. The result will have a location map, general information, and a place to read and give reviews. If it has five star rating, are you going to go there? You bet. But, what if it is only rated three stars? I’m sure you would think twice about it. These results are highly visible, and because forty-five percent of people have decided to not to use a business based on negative reviews, keeping a high rating (4-5 stars in Google for example) can make or break your business. The same goes for directories.

Why Use Us and Our Review Software?

The key to unlocking the power of good reviews is to encourage satisfied customers to give reviews, publish positive reviews for the public to see, monitor and address negative reviews promptly, and offer to make things right for the dissatisfied customers. However, most business owners are so busy actually running their businesses that they don’t have the time to manage this, so we offer clients our proprietary, user-friendly reputation management software that puts review monitoring, requesting positive reviews, and responding to complaints on autopilot.

Inside the client dashboard, we monitor several local directories and review sites in one convenient place so our clients can keep close tabs on their ratings. All the client has to do is enter in the name and email address of the customer. Then the system automatically sends out requests for reviews to customers via email. Positive reviews can automatically be sent to a business’s social media profiles (like Facebook and Twitter), while negative reviews are filtered out, sent only to the client’s dashboard for a response, and into a funnel which attempts to keep them hidden and out of view from the general public. We can also publish these reviews in real time to a client’s website. As an added bonus we also create a separate directory type of listing as a landing page that features the client’s info and links to important online profiles and websites.

Another great feature we offer as part of the reputation management package is production of professional reputation videos using online reviews. We upload the custom videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social profiles the client has. Videos are a powerful mode of connecting with customers, have a high conversion rate, and can be easily shared on social media by all of the business’s fans! These videos are also a good way to receive high quality incoming links to the client’s main website.

Every interaction with clients affects a business’s reputation, from satisfying customers with excellent services, to promptly managing negative online reviews, so they don’t scare off potential customers. By using our reputation monitoring software, our clients can have the best of two worlds – the time-saving ability to monitor their reputations, and the maintenance of their trustworthy image to captivate valuable customers, old and new.