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So, you’ve built your business, but how do local customers find you? No business can wait for people to rush in when they don’t know where to rush in to, and that’s why local online marketing is necessary to direct potential customers to local information about your business. There are multiple ways to market a business locally and our expertise in managing the complicated process of local branding enables us to keep our clients at the highest visibility possible among local customers. Let’s go over what is involved and how we can make a difference for your business.

What is Local Online Marketing?

Local online marketing involves making sure that a business’s key local information appears prominently in an online search. The most important local information, or anchor data, needed for customers to find a business is the business name, phone number and address. That information is called a citation. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, not quite. A business’ citations need to be compiled accurately by data aggregators, companies that build and maintain large databases of business information. Data aggregators then provide search engines and local and business directories with the information they have. Making sure citations are accurate is crucial, because when one listing is inaccurate, they all could be. Without consistentcy across all of your local listings, the search engines may not treat them as the same business. Misinformation can kill a business. We take care of submitting our clients’ business information to online directories accurately so that their name, address, and phone number land in eager customers hands in one easy search. This is one of the largest factors when trying to rank in the Google “maps” section.

Research Directory Listings

Online business directories are a business’s lifeline to local online marketing and it is necessary to submit and verify business information to them. Of course, the biggest one out there is Google Maps. When Google Maps displays data on a business, it offers directions, hours of operation and a phone number that is clickable from a mobile phone. Reviews of the business also appear, so potential customers not only see tangible information on how to find your business, but also how other people rated your business. Some other important directories are Foursquare.com, Manta.com, Yelp.com, among many others. The more directories a business is listed with, the more visibility it has online with local customers. Remember that they all share data, and it is our job to verify and update our clients’ information on all of these directories to keep them consistent, easy to find, and easy to contact.

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Citations and “NAP”

A business citation is its crucial location data found in an online search. It is important to increase the number of citations around the web to keep the data top of the search and top of mind. It’s also important that a business’ “NAP” (name, address, and phone number) match up exactly across all sites. This goes along with SEO. But, basically, there are two types of SEO: on-site and off-site. On-site SEO is use of strategies within the business’s website to make it more visible on searches. Off-site SEO is where citations come in, because they provide inbound links to a website from the directory listings. The higher number of quality, accurate citations to a website, the more credible Google will consider it, and it will appear higher on the searches.

It’s crucial to build citations on an ongoing basis and that is what we help our clients do. Not only are directories key for finding citations, but there are multiple other places we can help our clients build citations and connect with their local customer base.

  • Industry directories – Pinpointed listings that interested customers can look to for finding the pertinent information on local businesses.
  • Review sites – Angie’s list, Yelp, and Superpages are great examples of places customers can find not only local business information but also helpful reviews of businesses. See Reputation Management.
  • Social Media – Very influential channel to build citations and connect on a personal level with a business’s community. Interactions on a business’s Facebook page, for example, can effortlessly spread local business information and rave reviews around the local area to many potential customers.

Putting together a brick and mortar business is a tough job; so is local online marketing of that business. But, somebody has to do it, and we are experts at finding just the right ways to get our clients’ local information out there to the people who want it. If our clients build their businesses and we build their local online marketing plan… yes, they will come.