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If you were to ask any small business owner what one of their goals was, the majority would say increasing their sales. The methods of accomplishing this are endless. With a good product or service, some quality SEO, and great customer service any business has the power to increase their sales through both online and traditional marketing. For local businesses, a critical piece of the marketing puzzle lies with having customers be able to locate them. This may seem obvious, but so many local businesses lose sales by not ensuring that the people who are looking for what they are offering can find them and contact them ­ easily. Cue Google Maps. 

This powerful tool can help put your business on the map, literally. So, how do you get started with Google Maps optimization? Great question. This article will break down what you need to know into three sections: what Google Maps optimization is, key actions to take to help increase your ranking on Google Maps, and a summary of the benefits of optimizing.

What is Google Maps Optimization?

Essentially, Google Maps optimization is a method of marketing in which you utilize the power of Google Maps to make your business easier to find. This can play a large role in your digital marketing ­ especially if you view it as more than a method for locating. It can also be a great way to position your business as a local leader in your industry. Your goal is to show up at the top of two types of Google Maps results: proximity based results and ranked results. Proximity based results are based on your physical location in relation to the searcher. Ranked results use SEO factors to determine placement including customer reviews, Google My Business page accuracy, and other organic SEO elements. It’s important to factor both types of results into your digital marketing plan in order to maximize the benefits of Google Maps optimization.

Keyword Optimization and Research What can I do to optimize my Google Maps results?

I’m glad you asked. There are many ways you can optimize for the best results in Google Maps and beyond. Every action listed here helps with Google Maps and also general local listings and SEO. First things first, you must ensure that your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) are listed accurately and consistently on your Google My Business listing and across all social and local listing platforms. When creating your Google My Business listing, be sure to add all the categories that are relevant to your business using keywords that are likely to be searched when a customer is looking for what you offer. Some other ways to maximize your Google listing are making sure your introduction is solid and unique, verifying your account, and including high quality pictures with your listing. Oh, and let’s not forget soliciting for genuine customer reviews.

What are the real benefits of Google Maps optimization?

The benefits of optimizing your Google Maps listing are very straightforward ­ more visibility, more business, more sales. It’s really that simple. By now you know that optimizing for search engines is a tool that can drive traffic to your website, help you stand out as a subject matter expert, and increase your overall profit. If you’re a local business, it makes sense to optimize based on your location. After all, if your customers can’t find you then they can’t experience your amazing products or services. Another benefit you may experience from Google Maps optimization is a better understanding of your customer base. By analyzing the results you receive from optimizing, you’ll be able to detect behavior patterns and adapt your digital and traditional marketing strategies to maximize results. Don’t forget to be patient and give your business time to be ranked!

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