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Savannah river skylineDeveloping a web site is crucial for any sort of service, but just having the web site is merely part of the online advertising and marketing equation. The web site also really needs to appear at the top of search results to be found by the right folks (targeted customers). SEO experts Savannah, or search engine optimization, can make this all take place. SEO is a technique that optimizes the amount of high quality visitors to a website, and that can translate to increased real world dollars for our customers. According to Search Engine Land, SEO is the process of acquiring traffic from the “free,” “natural,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. Here are the basic principles of leading Savannah SEO procedures, and how we put it into action for our clients.

Savannah Search Engine Optimization Company

First things first– exactly what are search engines and exactly what do they perform? Search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, are web based programs that apply something called web crawlers to enable users to seek relevant information on lists of internet sites. A web crawler searches the material and design, or site map of an internet site, and uses that info to establish its position on a list in search results. People typically click on links at the top of a search, so it is our job to guarantee that each online site is optimally developed to be most obvious to web spiders.

Keyword Optimization and Research

Quality website content must absolutely incorporate keywords, which are the terms typed into the search engine boxes. For example, if an individual searches for a dentist, some key phrases they might use are “dentist Savannah,” or “dentists in Savannah, GA.” Successfully marketed online sites with those keyword phrases in their content will be provided in the results. Keyword optimization is a multifaceted method that works to draw in clicks from a top quality, targeted audience. If the key words used entice visitors who click away immediately (which means a higher bounce rate and poor rankings), higher quality key words are really needed to captivate the audience that will stay, and we use the most up-to-date research tools to pinpoint the best key phrases for each client’s website. Search engines look at keywords in web content, title tags, the web address, and in meta description tags (the little fragments of description that show up under the website in search results), so keyword phrases need to be intentionally placed in these locations for the greatest results in search engine rankings. You don’t want to get carried away though and “keyword stuff” your web page so that it looks synthetic to Google and the other search engines; this will lead to penalties and poor rankings.

Quality Link Building

What else can be done to climb the ranking ladder? Shortly after the website is correctly constructed with a good search engine foundation, an on-going SEM (Search Engine Marketing) process should be employed. Google assumes that top quality links to a web site URL mean it’s credible and trusted, and offers priority ranking to it. This means that attempts need to be made to create links around the web to “get the word out” about an online site. This can also be the demise of a web site if done improperly (ie: Google’s Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates)! Back when search engine optimization was a little simpler, a Savannah SEO company could design hundreds of low quality links to an internet site and enhance it’s rankings in no time. Google, and the other search engines, have since gotten more meticulous on how they rank sites. These days, websites needs high quality incoming links and link building to enhance search traffic. Some link building methods we suggest are: asking other related web sites to post a link to a client’s web site (link exchange), submit the link to local directories, set up high quality web 2.0 sites (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc), implement social bookmarking, and others; we additionally want to include links to other sites into the client’s website content. Social media also now plays a significant part in link building and web site rankings as well. Sharing links on social media is crucial because people share information to millions of sites via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and this contributes greatly to ranking in search results.

Analyzing Website Traffic In Savannah, GA

Website traffic is the number of visitors a web site gets. High quality material, key words, social media, and links bring traffic to a web site, but we have to know if the viewers are the ones we want for our clients. Analytics, or an analysis of traffic on a website, help us establish the quality of a website’s visitors. As an example, a high bounce rate, or number of viewers that navigate away after one click, means the site is drawing in the wrong visitors or may be designed poorly. That’s why analytics are crucial to SEO in Savannah, because they can tell us what is working and what needs to be changed in order to bring in viewers who will remain on the website. More top quality viewers mean more business for our clients.

Search engine optimization is an elaborate web of practices that must be employed to make a client’s site rise to the top of search engine results. After all, what good is a website if no one can find it? Our clients need not be intimidated by terms like Savannah SEO, web crawlers, link building, and keyword optimization. We speak the language and put it in action so they don’t need to.

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