Marketing your local gym, health club, or fitness studio is about more promoting your products or services. It’s about understanding how your target audience behaves and working to meet them halfway.

Whether you’re just starting out or trying to raise brand awareness, knowing when to deliver content is key.

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time can work wonders on your conversion and retention rate. Here are some tips on how to strengthen your local business strategy through right-time marketing.

Choose Your Delivery Method

Do you have a steady stream of leads coming in through social media? Is one of your online ads performing higher than usual? Most local businesses don’t have a large marketing budget to work with, so it is best to narrow your focus. Even if you don’t have the timing nailed down, you can deliver content with confidence that you’ll get a better response from prospective members.

Find Your Sweet Spot

Right-time marketing isn’t a guessing game – it’s a strategy that relies on proven data. The “Insights” tab on Facebook business pages, for example, is a gold mine for tracking user behavior. It will tell you when your fans are online, how your content performed, and when your reach is at its peak. Regardless of the platform you use, make sure you have a system in place to track the activity of your audience so you can market to them when they’re the most engaged.

Respond Quickly and Efficiently

One of the easiest ways to lose a good lead is by taking too long to respond. Whether you’ve gotten an inquiry through email or a click on your website, be ready to act. Working with the right digital marketing company can cut out most of the work for you by automating this process. Competition is high when you’re a local business competing for attention in a crowded market.

The way you respond could be the difference between a loyal, lifelong customer and “the one who got away.”

Tailor Your Approach

A free trial at your gym is great, but it does nothing for people who have already signed up. Your marketing should be segmented to reach difference audiences – the members you want and the members you already have. It’s not uncommon for local businesses to get so caught up in lead generation that they forget about retention. Consider offering a free short-term upgrade or fitness class to your existing member base. This will pay off in the long run, because these same members will turn into your biggest advocates.

Right-time marketing requires time and dedication. To be successful, you need to be committed to getting to know your audience and how they behave. It’s a more granular approach that is designed to meet your prospective members exactly where they’re at – whether it be searching through local listings or scrolling through social media. Considering outsourcing your marketing needs today to truly resonate with your audience by understanding their needs.