When is the last time you updated the content on your company’s Facebook page? We’re not just talking about daily status updates and the occasional change to your cover photo – we mean digging down deep and utilizing the full power of the platform in front of you.

Facebook and other social media channels are a game-changer for many companies, especially when you don’t have a big marketing budget. Paying for ads on social media can get expensive and it usually takes months to find out which campaigns will perform well with your audience. Optimizing your Facebook page will help drive traffic to your website, grow your audience, and boost your sales – all at little to no cost to you.

Here are some SEO best practices to help you optimize your Facebook page and solidify your marketing strategy.

Elaborate on Your Company’s Story

Build out your Facebook page with information that visitors will find useful and interesting. Get started in the “About” section of your Facebook page, located underneath your company’s profile picture. In this section, you can fill out your company overview, mission, awards you have received, and any products or services you have to offer. Simply including the company’s name and location is not enough, and honestly, it’s a waste of free marketing. Don’t just give your visitors a snapshot of your company– paint them a detailed picture.

Always Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords make up all of the search terms that people enter into search engines like Google. Having keyword-based optimization for all of your social and web pages is the key to online visibility. Once you know what people are searching for, you can tweak the content on your page to attract more visitors. Strategically place these keywords throughout your page to increase the likelihood of it coming up in business-related search queries. You can also use keywords in your photo descriptions and status updates to get your page indexed by search engines.

Use Links to Stay Connected

Once your page has plenty of content and your keywords have been scattered in, it’s time to start adding links. You shouldn’t add one link to your website and assume that’s enough. Use links throughout your Facebook page to show you are credible and true to your word. If you claim to have various awards, link visitors to an online portfolio or evidence of an award-winning project. If you’re selling specific products and services, make it easy for people to find your online store and make a purchase.

The goal is to minimize the work for the Facebook user, while maximizing the amount of traffic that gets to your company’s website. If you have other social media channels, be sure you link those to your Facebook page as well. They key is connectivity – all of the pages you manage online should talk to each other.

Listen to Your Audience

Attracting new visitors is a fundamental to a healthy business, but so is listening to your audience. The engagement and interactions that take place on your Facebook page can give you a ton of insight into your overall performance. If your followers don’t like a certain product or service, they are bound to voice their opinion. Similarly, if they a memorable experience with one of your employees, your followers will probably hear about. All of these details will help you optimize your Facebook page correctly and strengthen your reputation in the process.

In the world of digital marketing, almost everything has a dual purpose. Your Facebook page isn’t just a means of communication with your audience – it’s a powerful tool to grow your business. It’s important to remember that even a little bit of effort can go a long way.