Did you know that social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to draw in new patients when it’s used correctly? Most people think of Facebook as an entertainment platform, when in reality it’s a powerhouse for online marketing and lead generation.

Spending less time mailing out those postcards and more time on modern platforms is a proven way to scale your business.

Learning how to use Facebook effectively is crucial to keeping your dental practice on the radar and reaching a wider audience. Here are some you can scale your local business in the digital space.

Create a Dedicated Business Page

Make sure you have a dedicated Facebook Business page that’s separate from your personal account. Spend time filling out the “About” section to showcase important information, like your location, hours, and company mission. You can also include the specific products or services you offer, as well as any awards your business has received. Use this opportunity to provide your prospective patients with as much detail as possible – an empty business page will only breed distrust. Once it’s created, you should post updates on a regular basis to hold their attention.

Brand Yourself on Facebook

After you have all of your content in, make sure the page is branded to match your business website. Update your logo, cover photo, featured images, and any other areas that allow for customization. Keeping your digital presence congruent across multiple platforms will help people recognize your practice over time. If they’re searching for dental professionals in the area, and they’ve already been exposed to your business, it will have a stronger chance of catching their eye.

Highlight Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Leverage your existing customer base to draw in new patients through positive reinforcement. If you one of your patients had a great experience lately, ask them to write a review on Facebook. Anyone who comes across your business page will see these reviews, and a strong recommendation can work wonders when it comes to lead generation. If you have a testimonials page like this one on your website, you can link back to it through a Facebook post when something new is added. Considering something short and sweet that entices them to take action: “Did you see our latest 5-star review online? Hear what (patient name) had to say about our unparalleled customer service!”

Invest in Facebook Advertising

If you’re a Facebook user, you know just how prominently sponsored ads appear on your News Feed. Investing in Facebook Advertising is a great way for dental marketing practices to keep a competitive edge and speed up the growth process. If you want to reach a specific audience and get the most out of your marketing budget, you can target who is seeing your ads. Choose to narrow it down by a user’s location (a huge perk for local businesses), their demographics, the things they like, and more. You can even retarget the users who have already expressed an interest in your practice and need a little “nudge” to cross the finish line. Facebook is a gold mine when it comes to collecting personal information, so use this to your advantage.

Empathize with Your Audience

While Facebook users are no strangers to a good sales pitch, overly selling your audience can harm your business reputation. Highlight how your dental practice is benefiting the public and changing lives on a personal level. If you’re engaging your audience with compelling content – like how you are boosting self-confidence and improving the health of your patients – people will naturally be drawn to you.


Many local business owners don’t have the time or bandwidth to invest in their social media channels. Outsourcing your dental marketing needs is a great way to expand your business while focusing on your day-to-day operations. While traditional marketing still has some benefits, it won’t give you the same reach and exposure as a solid digital strategy. Learn more about the proven business solutions offered by Engage Marketing.

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