Whether you are a local, passing through, or here for a stay, you are sure to enjoy some great food in Columbus, Georgia. With a large selection of places to choose from, there is something to satisfy every appetite.

The Loft – The Loft is a restaurant that wears many hats. It is also a bar and a venue space. Check out the calendar and plan a night of good food and music, jazz or even comedy. Check out the bar for a cocktail to enjoy with the show. The menu has a concert themed layout – start with an Opening Act of fried brie before moving to the Main Stage of the ultra-fresh fish of the day.

Zombie Pig BBQ – Don’t let the name of this Columbus favorite fool you – they are serious about their barbecue! In fact, this barbecue joint is so popular, they have been known to sell out of barbecue. The menu features all of the favorites – brisket, pulled pork and chicken, ribs and sandwiches. The side items are the perfect companion to the meat, and can be bought by the quart for family meals.

Epic – Fine dining is done right at this Columbus gem. Epic, as the name suggests, is considered by many to be more than just a meal – it is an experience. The food plating is executed beautifully, creating edible works of art. The expert wine pairings take the experience to a higher level, rounding off the decadent flavors of the meal. For a real treat, book The Chef Table Experience and enjoy an intimate 8 course meal presented by the chef’s themselves.