Email marketing is a proven solution for businesses that want to build their audience and increase the quality of their relationships. It is also a process of trail-and-error that can take months or even years to get right. When your campaigns begin to perform well, though, you will reap huge benefits from the positive response you get in return.  Here are some ways you can strengthen your email campaigns and communicate more effectively with new and existing customers.

1. Make Your Campaign Diverse

When you are planning an email campaign, you should use a variety of emails to keep the audience interested. Simply sending the same email over and over again is not an effective campaign – it is a recipe for disaster. Your subscribers will quickly lose interest unless you find creative ways to keep the campaign fresh. Trying adding value to your campaign by including in an educational resource like a video tutorial or blog post.

2. Space Out Your Promotional Emails

It’s okay to run promotional campaigns on a monthly basis – your subscribers are expecting it. That being said, your list shouldn’t be receiving an “ask” every time they hear from you. Spacing out your promotional campaigns will make your subscribers feel like they in a give-and-take relationship, rather than a pawn in your marketing scheme. Try breaking them up with an awareness campaign so your audience can learn more about you.

3. Leverage Your Campaigns Accordingly

You should be tracking your campaigns closely to see how each one is resonating with your subscribers. Break down the individual performance of each email and measure the results. If one of your promotions got a high response rate, consider trying to upsell recent buyers in the following email with a similar product. You can even use product reviews to leverage your campaigns. If a product or service you offer is getting a lot of positive feedback, try featuring it as a best seller the next time around.

4. Be Transparent About Your Intentions

A great way to build trust with your subscribers is by being upfront with the type of information you are going to send them. Let them know how often they are going to hear from you and what type of value you are going to be offering. If you put everything on the table, your subscribers will already be expecting to receive multiple emails a week. If you are providing them with enough value, your subscribers will begin to look forward to your emails over time.

5. Segment Your Marketing List by Interest

Different campaigns will generate different outcomes depending on the demographics, location, and interests of your audience. There is no magic formula that will elicit a positive response from every person on your list. Segment your lists by interest to get higher response rates on your emails. This will also save you time and money in the long run, because you will only be marketing to the people that you expect a positive response from.

6. Take a Personalized Approach to Your Messaging

Like nearly all humans, your audience wants to establish a connection. It helps to build trust because they feel like they are talking to a real person rather than a computer or autoresponder. Your emails should be friendly and conversational, not dull and impersonal. Spend some time getting the tone right in your emails to make it more welcoming. An easy place to start is by creating personalized subject lines to make your audience feel more valued. Talk TO them (i.e. “I thought you would love this…”) as opposed to talking AT them.

Every email you send has an impact on your brand reputation. Since the digital world is a fluid environment, you should always be thinking of ways to improve and strengthen your messaging strategy. Taking a tailored approach to your email campaigns can add massive value without every changing the products or services you offer. Considering working with a professional who can help deliver value to your audience and generate a more powerful outcome for your business.